Hacienda Caballo Campana

About us


The hotel originates from the year 1919, where there was a property named Barabon consisting of no more than a farmhouse, sheds, horse areas, and a brick oven.

In the year 1946, the property was sold to the couple Gilberto Saldaña and Olivia Duran Aleman. The estate was then dedicated as a corn and eucalyptus tree plantation.

The land on which the hotel is situated was known for hidden buried treasures and burials, but none of these artifacts were ever found. The property was first used as a family estate when the land was passed on to Oscar Efren Saldaña and his wife Lina Torres Goercke.

Oscar Saldaña, the now current president and owner of Hosteria Caballo Campana, saw the need to have a family recreational space in Cuenca where people could go without having to leave the city. Therefore, he began the construction of the first lounge of the inn, called ´Barabon.´ This lounge has a 220 person capacity and also holds a covered terrace connected to the lounge.

The name Caballo Campana first arose from Oscar Saldaña´s interest in horses which he inherited from his mother Olivia Duran Aleman. The name also originates from a bell on the property known as Campana Huayco, which is famous for the profound echo it emits which can be heard throughout the property.

After 20 years of working as a truly unique hosteria in Cuenca, Caballo Campana has undergone some changes including the construction of 18 warm rooms, 3 lounges, and horse and sports facilities.

We continue to work our hardest so that you and your family may enjoy a beautiful space of nature and comfort just minutes away from the one of a kind city of Cuenca.